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My April Workout Challenge

on March 28, 2013

Since i need to work on my thighs and glutes ( yea, yea, butts, ass, whatever you prefer ) i will do this challenge.


Its perfect to me, since i want to fit into my old size 8 pants 😦


I can put it on. But i cant breath. Lol. Its awfully tight on butt, thighs and belly. Uh i will conquer you, i promise!!

And yet, another (simple) challenge i take is this..


Took this from which require me to :
1. Eat a healthy breakfast
2. Workout first thing in the morning
3. Both!

Suits me well, for i hate wake up early. Lol.

So please wish me luck!! Other than that, of course I’ll still continue to fight in gym.

Do you have your own April Workout Challenge?? Share pleaseee…

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3 responses to “My April Workout Challenge

  1. My march Challenge was to conquer the Jillian workout, but since most of that was not conquered due to my cold, I’ll be redoing it in April. I like the April challenge though, I might have to do it too! Yikes! I’m not an early riser.

  2. […] saw a similar challenge on a blog I follow and I looked at a few others from searching on Google.  There is no fun graphic for this […]

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